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1st FULL ALBUM『SINDERELLA』2022.12.16 Release

【Exclusive for Mori Calliope Official International Online Shop / UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE】First-Press Limited Special Edition with a T-shirt [CD+BD+T-shirt]

9,900 yen (tax incl.)

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First-Press Limited Edition [CD+BD+Card]

7,150 yen (tax incl.)

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Standard Edition [CD]

4,180 yen (tax incl.)

*The design for the cover art of the First-Press Limited Edition and the Standard Edition are different.

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All new 10 songs (*1 Bonus Track will be included in the Standard Edition)

  • 1. Taste of Death
  • 2. Wanted, Wasted
  • 3. I’m Greedy
  • 4. Internet Brain Rot
  • 5. NEZUMI Scheme
  • 6. soul food
  • 8. Dance Past Midnight feat. AmaLee
  • 9. Death Sentence
  • 10. glass slipper
  • 11. Bonus Track. end of a life(Happily Ever After ver.) *Only in the Standard Edition
  • “CapSule (Mori Calliope × Hoshimachi Suisei)” Music Video
  • “MERA MERA” Music Video
  • “Kamouflage” Music Video
  • “Make ’Em Afraid” Music Video
  • “Holy Shitto” Music Video
  • “Let’s End the World” Music Video
  • ・”SINDERELLA” Behind the Music


Fan Art Contest
-Thank you, this campaign has ended.-

We decided to hold a Fan Art Contest for celebrating the release of Mori Calliope Major 1st AL”SINDERELLA” !!

“SINDERELLA” is.. an album which has a concept of 7 deadly sins + 3 deadly sins which are determined by Mori Calliope. This album (include 10 songs) will be released on Dec 16th worldwide.

  • Everyone in the world can participate.
  • Mori Calliope will choose 10 winners. We will send a Mori Calliope autographed poster (not for sale) for those winners.

  • How to participate: Twitter
  • Contest Period: Nov 12th – Dec 30th (JST)
  • Announcement of Winners: Dec 30th (JST)
  • Follow the Mori Calliope Information Twitter account (@calliope_info )
  • Allow to send us DM on Twitter. Our staff will send a DM to winners.
  • Tweet with #10DeadlyChallenge
Notes for your art
    Please follow this guideline when you draw an art.
  • Please draw Mori Calliope herself.
  • Please do not use AI art.
  • When you tweet with “#10DeadlyChallenge”, we regard as you allowed us to use your art for free, at anywhere and anytime.
  • We are possible to use your art on Mori Calliope Twitter Account, Mori Calliope Official Website of Universal Music, and SNS, TV, Website etc, which are operated by the third party. In this kind of case, no rewards or rights are given to participants.
  • We may ask you to delete your art if your tweet (art) was inappropriate.

Thank you for your participation.


[ORIGINAL SONG] I'm Greedy - Mori Calliope

[MV] NEZUMI Scheme - Calliope Mori x FAKE TYPE.

Mori Calliope - Major 1st Album SINDERELLA Teaser [12/16 Release]