Timely but timeless is one way to describe the unique appeal SHEENA has for her growing number of fans. Her charming lyrics and vocal style express immediacy in both mood and message, while her sound is based on eternally valid musicality, for which there is no "cute" substitute.
SHEENA's musical artistry is well founded in her early training as a pianist and classical ballerina. By age 15, she was playing in several bands and, on her own, was exploring writing and singing in the pop modes of Japan and the West.
In 1995, her musical creativity took another new direction when, as a member of an all-girl band called the Marvelous Marbles, she earned recognition at a Teens Music Festival. In the following year, as a solo artist, she won an Award of Excellence in the finals of the annual Music Quest competitions.
A string of live performances in various semi-pro groups followed, eventually leading to her debut as a professional. Response to the release of her first single in May 1998, and her two maxi-singles in September 1998 and January 1999, was very favorable, and her first album, "Muzai Moratorium" released in February, confirmed her position as one of the best composers and rock artists in Japan.
October 1999 saw the maxi-singles "Honno" (Instinct), her fourth, and "Kofukuron" a debut single re-released as a maxi with an additional tune. Her first video, "Seiteki Healing -Sono Ichi-" (Sexual Healing Vol. 1), was released in November 1999.
Two maxi-singles "GIPS" and "Tsumi to Batsu" were released simultaneously in January 2000, followed at the end of March by her second album, "SHOSO STRIP", and her first live, Japan-wide tour.
Following the successful live tour, SHEENA held a special concert on July 30th at a traditional playhouse called Kaho Theater in her hometown Fukuoka, which she had dreamed of for a long time. People gathered from all over Japan to witness the one-off show. The show was set up to faithfully reflect her musicality, and was announced and webcast to the world in different languages via the Internet, drawing overwhelming reaction from many countries.
SHEENA then released her second video, "Seiteki Healing -Sono Ni-" (Sexual Healing Vol. 2) in August 2000, and "Gekokujyo Xstasy" and "Hatsuiku Status-GOKIRITSU JAPON-" in December, containing her live footage.
Fans were astonished in early 2001 as they learned of the announcement that SHEENA was pregnant and would take some time off from the entertainment business. Just before taking the rest, her 7th single "MAYONAKA WA JYUNKETSU" was released in March 2001 with a highly unique, fully-animated video clip.
May 2002 marks the happy return of SHEENA RINGO to the music scene with the release of a 2-CD album "UTAITE MYOURI -Vol. 1-" all consisting of cover songs that have been selected from a variety of music from various different countries.

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