Adoの歌ってみたアルバム Adoの歌ってみたアルバム

First “Utattemita” (cover) album to be released!
The album will feature a total of 10 songs that received the most requests for Ado to sing through voting, including Vocaloid and J-Pop songs.
From the latest songs of Reiwa era to pop songs from Showa era, ‘Utaite’ Ado transcends the times through the album!

Limited Edition includes an acrylic stand in the shape of Ado in the cover art and a sticker sheet with designs inspired by the songs on the album.

  • Limited Edition

    CD + Ado acrylic stand
    + “Utattemita” sticker
    *Sticker sheet included in Limited Edition only.

    Ado acrylic stand: H140mm x W121.5mm x D3mm
    Sticker: H118mm x W118mm

    Cat #:TYCT-69290
    Price : JPY 3,520 (incl. tax)
  • Standard Edition

    Cat #: TYCT-60222
    Price: JPY 2,420 (incl. tax)



Track List

*Contains 10 songs in total  *Common across Limited Edition and Standard Edition

1. Dried Flowers


Lyrics & Music : Yuuri
Original Artist : Yuuri

2. Kazari ja Nai no yo Namida wa


Lyrics & Music : Yosui Inoue
Original Artist : Akina Nakamori

3. Aishite Aishite Aishite


Lyrics & Music : Kikuo
Original Artist : Kikuo

4. Crime and Punishment


Lyrics & Music : Sheena Ringo
Original Artist : Sheena Ringo

5. Kawaikute Gomen


Lyrics & Music : shito
Original Artist : HoneyWorks

6. Villan


Lyrics & Music : Teniwoha
Original Artist : Teniwoha

7. God-ish


Lyrics & Music : Pinochio P
Original Artist : Pinochio P

8. unravel


Lyrics & Music : TK
Original Artist : TK from Ling tosite sigure

9. Buriki No Dance


Lyrics & Music : Hinata Denko
Original Artist : Hinata Denko

10. Dawn and Fireflies


Lyrics & Music : n-buna
Original Artist : n-buna


Purchase benefits by store

Customers who purchase “Ado No Utattemita Album” at CD stores and online stores will receive a purchase benefit on a first-come-first-served basis.

Plastic file folder (A4)
Plastic file folder (A4)
Original poster (B2)
Rakuten Books:
Rakuten Books:
Transparent plastic pouch
Rubber coaster
7net Shopping
7net Shopping
Tri-fold desk calendar
Set of 2 stickers (50×80mm)
Other stores
Other stores


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